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If you are a newly formed improv group looking to focus on a structure that features your strengths, or an existing troupe hoping to try something new, Amy would be thrilled to workshop with you. She has lead diagnostic workshops to try and break old habits for established groups in many cities across the world. Amy is also interested in establishing ongoing coaching relationships with troupes looking for direction on a more regular basis. Amy has worked with amazing groups like Nasty Women Comedy, Grad School Improv, and Folk Lordz, all of whom she highly suggests you check out!

Improv Groups-

  • When looking to challenge our top-level in-house ensemble with fresh insight from outside eyes, Amy was an obvious choice. Her direct, no-nonsense way of attacking scenes and habits is still something our cast refers to often in their work.

    Julie Dumais, Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto
  •  Amy was such a great presence in the room, adding some wonderful insight and helping us reinvigorate a form we’d been doing for a while now. She understood our goals, brought her own ideas and made us excited about our show again.

    Kerri Donaldson, Brunch, Vancouver
  • If you are in need for a fresh, direct and honest perspective on your improv group’s performance style, I highly recommend Amy Shostak.

    Ese Atawo, Instant Theatre, Vancouver
  • In one hour, Amy managed to cut straight to the heart of our format’s issues and offer a variety of clear-eyed fixes.

    Chelsey Stuyt, Instant Theatre, Vancouver