Amy Shostak. Photo by Marc-Julien Objois

Amy Shostak. Photo by Marc-Julien Objois

Amy started improvising with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre in 2002, where she served as Artistic Director for six years. Amy performed regularly in Theatresports, Maestro, and CHiMPROV (Rapid Fire’s weekly long form show), as well as guesting with other companies around the globe. Since stepping back as Artistic Director in 2015, Amy now spends her time in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, Amy is an instructor with Blind Tiger Comedy; a comedy school founded by internationally-recognized improv troupes The Sunday Service and Hip.Bang! Through Sour Dog Theatre, she also runs a monthly Maestro show with Ali Froggatt and Jeff Gladstone. Starting in 2018, Amy is also the Festival Director of the Vancouver International Improv Festival (VIIF).

Amy is experienced in short form game play (Theatresports, Maestro), as well as long form structures (Harold, Tap Out, Deconstruction). She performs and tours with Rapid Fire Theatre’s Off Book: The Improvised Musical, as well as in her duo Rå Power, with Joleen Ballendine.

Improv has taken Amy many places. She is so pleased to have been able to take part in the following festivals:

  • The Vancouver International Improv Festival (Vancouver)
  • Picnic Impro’s Monkeyfest (Bogota)
  • IF (Winnipeg)
  • Teatribu’s Lost in Translation (Milan)
  • Wurzburger Impro Festival (Wurzburg, Germany)
  • Sweden International Improv Festival (Uppsala, Sweden)
  • VTS’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Theatresports Tournament (Vancouver)
  • Fools Fest (Regina)
  • Dad’s Garage World Domination Theatresports Tournament (Atlanta)
  • Impro (Berlin)
  • Amy is the best kind of teacher and creator; someone who is passionate, wise, and curious. I’ve had so many joyful moments onstage performing with her, and gained so much understanding of my own practice learning from her. Amy’s talents as both an artist and instructor are among the best I’ve experienced.

    Jayden Pfeifer, Red Hot Riot/General Fools, Regina