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Amy has lead workshops for community groups of many kinds. Over the years, she has led comedy summer camps for 5-7 year olds, workshops for senior citizens engaging with the arts, and guided actors hoping to be more spontaneous on stage. Whether you’re looking to foster camaraderie in your arts organization, or work toward a final improv performance in your community, Amy is keen to help you reach your goals.

Amy is a Lead Artist in the Arts + Health Program at Carnegie Community Centre. Along with collaborator Jeff Gladstone, she facilitates workshops for seniors, leading up to a final performance at the Arts + Health showcase each year.

Amy recently received her certificate in Dialogue & Civic Engagement from Simon Fraser University. She is passionate about applying her skills in improvisation to facilitate more effective connection and communication in non-arts settings.

  • With seniors, Amy Shostak is a remarkable teacher! She has an intuitive understanding of what delights them. Amy creates a safe environment of mutual trust and affection, and then expects and obtains the highest standards of work. In a single workshop taught by Amy, I have seen seniors grow from reluctant participants, to playful exuberant performers.

    David Barnet, Artistic Director, GeriActors & Friends